Our Program

“The Next Step Montessori provides a safe and nurturing environment in which your child can learn, share, laugh and grow. Our program emphasizes the importance of building the self-esteem and confidence each child needs to make choices and express themselves in words and actions. Here they will learn to trust and respect themselves and others as well as the world around them.” – Owner/Director Kathy Berke, B.Ed,. PBCEd., Montessori certified teacher.

The main purpose of a Montessori School is to provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment that helps the child develop an excellent foundation for creative learning.

Our Program Goals:

To develop a positive attitude toward school

  • Most of the learning activities are individualized. Each child engages in a learning task that particularly appeals to them, and is geared to their needs and level of readiness. Because they work at their own pace, repeating the task as often as they like, they experience a series of successful achievements, building a positive attitude toward learning.

To help each child build self-confidence

  • Montessori tasks are designed so that each next step builds on what the child has already mastered. This removes the negative experience of frequent failure, replacing it with a series of successes. This builds inner confidence and contributes to a healthier emotional development.

To assist each child in building a habit of concentration

  • Effective learning presupposes the ability to listen carefully and to attend to what is said or demonstrated. Through a series of absorbing experiences, the child forms habits of extended attention, thus increasing his ability to concentrate.

To foster an abiding curiosity

  • In a rapidly changing society, we will all be students at some time in our lives. A deep, persistent and abiding curiosity is a prerequisite for creative learning. By providing the child with opportunities to discover qualities, dimensions and relationships amidst a rich variety of stimulating learning situations, their natural curiosity is nurtured and an essential element in creative learning has been established.

To develop habits of initiative and persistence

  • By surrounding the child with appealing materials and learning activities geared to his inner needs, he becomes accustomed to engaging in activities on his own. Gradually, this results in a habit of initiative – an essential quality in leadership. “Ground rules” call for completing a task once begun and gradually results in a habit of persistence and perseverance for replacing materials after the task is accomplished. This “completion expectation” gradually results in a habit of persistence and perseverance.

To foster inner security and sense of order in the child

  • Through a well ordered, enriched but simplified environment, the child’s need for order and security is intensely satisfied. This is noticed in the calming effect the environment has on the child. Since every item in the Montessori classroom has a place and the ground rules call for everything in its place, the child’s inner need for order is directly satisfied.

What we offer

A non-competitive atmosphere that will allow children to relate and grow in their relationships both with their peers and others.

  • modeling appropriate behaviours
  • positive reinforcement
  • guidance

An educational environment allowing a full range of expression for your child’s individual talents.

  • qualified educational personnel to develop individualized programs
  • flexibility of learning activities
  • access to a variety of materials

Differentiated learning opportunities which are appropriately styled to encourage growth according to your child’s varying abilities, needs and interests.

  • prepared environment
  • discovery learning
  • freedom of choice
  • group interaction (structured and unstructured)
  • variety of activities
  • child-centred programs

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