Our Policies

“Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

The Next Step Nursery School, Inc. (Next Step Montessori) has developed these policies for the benefit of all parents, children and staff. We reserve the option to terminate services if policies are not followed or fees are not paid.

We encourages prospective parents to attend the Open-House and registration evening to be held the first week in March. This evening allows parent and child to meet the teachers, familiarize with the classroom, answer questions and complete a registration if desired. A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration.

Registration & Related Fees

  1. Deposit – A non-refundable deposit is to be paid at the time of registration.
  2. Tuition – Ten (10) post-dated cheques, dated the first of each month and made payable to The Next Step Nursery School, Inc, will be collected at the first parent meeting or prior to the start of school.
  3. N.S.F. cheques – Parents will be charged the bank penalty on N.S.F. cheques. Should this occur 3 times, all further payments will be made with a certified cheque, money order or cash.
  4. Receipts – Receipts will be given in January and again in June. Please consult your tax advisor to see if you are eligible for a tax deduction.
  5. Absent days – Parents whose children occasionally do not attend due to illness, special events, holidays, etc. will not be refunded any fees for those absent days. Please advise the staff if your child will be absent.
  6. Permanent Withdrawl – Written notice of permanent withdrawal must be given two weeks prior to your child’s last day. If notice is not given, full payment fees will be charged for the month. A permanent space cannot be guaranteed if you wish to temporarily withdraw your child for any reason.

Behaviour Management
Our goal is to help children achieve a sense of self-discipline by accepting the consequences of their actions. Limits of behaviour are set with the health and safety of all children in mind. The program is designed to minimize conflict through planning and consistency. All children learn what is expected of them, verbalize their feelings and find a solution to their problem when necessary. The Next Step Nursery School, Inc. does not permit, practice, or inflict any form of physical punishment or verbal abuse upon, or the denial of any child in attendance at the nursery school, as stated by regulation 11(1) of the Licensing Manual for Day Care Centres.


  1. No information, verbal or written, regarding a child or his/her family shall be released to anyone other than the legal guardian of the child.
  2. In the case of an emergency or injury to a child, information may be released to the police authorities and/or medical staff attending to the child. In the case of suspect child abuse, the appropriate authorities will be notified.
  3. Access to a child’s information record is given only to the legal guardians of the child and the regular staff of the nursery school.
  4. Confidentiality of families is to be respected at all times.
  5. Information may only be released with written parental or guardian permission.

Clothing & Possessions
We encourages parents to dress their children appropriate for physical activity, the weather and seasons. A second set of clothing is to be kept in the child’s backpack in case of necessity. All clothing and shoes should be labeled with the child’s name.

Field Trips
Trips outside the School are vital to reinforcing many of the concepts studied inside the school and are also an extension of our curriculum. Information will be sent home prior to each outing giving all the pertinent information. Parents will be asked, periodically, to financially support trips in which their children participate. All trips are planned and have a definite educational purpose.